Hi everyone. Just wanted to introduce ourselves. I’m Sean Barton, the new developer behind CommentLuv and, in conjunction with my partner, Andrew Palmer, we shall be revitalizing CommentLuv over the next few weeks and taking over maintenance of the free and premium versions of the plugin.

I have been working with WordPress almost exclusively for around 15 years in both the free and premium plugin markets. More recently specializing in page builders (specifically Divi and soon Elementor) but now Gutenberg has been released as mainstream that’s the next focus.

Andrew Palmer is the genius behind the Divi Marketplace at https://elegantmarketplace.com and has been around the block for many many years working as SEO, Marketing, strategy, and all around nice guy. (He also happens to be Andy Bailey’s very proud Uncle!)

Between us, we shall be making sure the free version stays free, looks better, works with WP5+ and is supported. We shall also be working on the premium version of the plugin and getting the wheels spinning on that.

We have the full support of Andy Bailey on this and are in regular contact. We shall do the plugin and its community justice. Sign up to our newsletter below to be kept informed on all things COMLUV!

We have also set up a Facebook help and share group – just for CommentLuv members – join here

See the Press Release here

Sean & Andrew P